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Banking and financial service

Results-driven. Analytical. Intelligent. You’ve got exacting standards. So do we.

The Banking and Financial Services talent environment has intense competition for highly-skilled candidates. From large investment banks and asset managers to insurance companies and boutique hedge funds, our consultants make sure your organization consistently engages and retains top talent.

Turn your next hires into significant business assets

We have an extensive database of qualified and experienced Banking and Financial Services professionals. Combined with our consultative approach, we’ve added value to thousands of organizations. Let’s do the same for yours.

Whatever you’re looking for, our high-touch consultants will work closely with you. We’ll appraise each candidate with a rigorous process that gets to the root of their ambitions and drivers.

The result? You only meet with high-quality candidates who really match your business requirements.

Talk to us now about finding the right leaders for your business.

FMCG and Retail

An industry going through transformation needs change management and innovative heads.

The retail industry is going through fundamental changes for the whole value chain.

This creates a need for the ability to readjust and find new ways to do things.

B+C has long experience from recruitment within the retail industry, but also roles within change management. In addition we know where to find the digital, creative and innovative heads.

ICT and Technology

New technology has changed and challenged the status quo.

Every sector is affected by technology – we can help you to bring in the right kind of technological competence for your organization.

Software- and hardware development does no longer require long processes to make bigger changes. Technology that creates drastic changes does no longer need as many resources as before and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Competing for the best heads and the lack of enough educated people in these fields are huge challenges.

Technology goes across every sector. Organizations need both specialists within the field of technology, but also leaders that knows how to lead a technological process. We know both.

Industry and Energy

Access to new technology is creating a change in the need of workforce

Our consultants have good experience with recruiting within industrial organizations and the energy industry.

Robotics and digitalization is creating different value chains and changing the need of workforce.

We are now going through the fourth industry revolution, also called Industry 4.0. We see that technology and robotics makes in easier to backsource workforce to Norway, and while removing some traditional functions in an organization, it also creates new ones.

The energy industry has a huge need for an educated workforce. Demands for skilled workers and an educated workforce is highly needed.

We know that many organizations within these sectors have an unsolved need for labor. We can help with that.


A fragmented sector that experiences fast paced changes from the users and new ways to reach target groups. As new challenges keeps occurring, new opportunities also arises.

The media business has gone through, and are still going through, technological and digital changes. As we are moving from print and analogue, to digital there are truths being challenged and the market has had to welcome many new actors.

Fast changes creates a continuous need for updated expertise.

There are still needs for the more traditional roles, but also roles within analytics and business development are becoming more prominent.

B+C has recruited various roles within the media industry and we will work closely with you to service your specific needs.

Public Sector

A need for modernization and effectivization is prominent.

B+C has long experience recruiting for the public sector. We know the legal principals that needs to be followed and we are well aware of rules and procedures.

Real Estate and Construction

An industry with an increasing demand for specialist competence

Our advisors have experience with both the real estate industry and the construction industry.

A common factor is that they are in huge need of specialists

Within real estate, and also commercial real estate, there are trends towards digitalization and needs for new technology. From analysts to digital minds and developers – the increase of demand is prominent.

The construction industry is growing each year which causes an increase on the demand for skilled professionals educated specifically in their field. Engineers and skilled workers are equally needed.

We can help you find what you are looking for and we will ensure quality through our well defined process.

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