Skills Investment & Business Strategy For The Green Economy
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Skills for the Green Economy: Why Investing in People is Key

16 July 2021

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Our climate is changing, and the impact this is having on our planet, lives and livelihoods is profound. While humans are often perceived merely as the cause of the problem, we believe that our behaviour is and should also be seen as key to dealing with global warming's negative consequences. So how do we best mitigate its expectedly negative impacts on labour markets and turn them into opportunities for the future? We need a Green Transition, and to facilitate this, it is paramount that we put skills and reskilling at the forefront of our efforts.

Whether it is about phasing out fossil fuels, delivering climate-friendly business practices, accelerating digitisation and automation, or new work models – we need skillful individuals. The Green Transition process won't be easy. Still, with the right mix of policies by governments and the right approach by businesses and individuals, we can move towards a more sustainable future while safeguarding the livelihoods of those most affected by this transition.

Produced by Badenoch + Clark’s parent company, the Adecco Group, our report explains how this can be achieved, and illustrates how investing in the right skills can boost our transition to a more sustainable economy.