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Accounting and Finance

Do you have exacting standards? So do we. Find your next leadership role in Accounting and Finance.

Are you looking for the next step in your career?

Our consultants really understand Accounting & Finance. That's why we have an existing client base of unrivalled breadth in the industry.

Our Consultants work for your interests

We'll work restlessly to understand your career aspirations and what drives you.

And by really understanding your situation, we’ll find the best available positions for you. When you work with us, you're always guided by an expert with your interests at heart.

Banking and financial services

Make your next role in Banking and Financial Services count

The world of Banking and Financial Services is surging. Existing roles are changing. New roles are emerging. And technology is transforming how businesses operate.
As the industry evolves, let’s make sure your career evolves with it.

Taking the next step in your career

Does grappling with client challenges face-to-face get you out of bed in the morning? Are you more interested in being at the forefront of fintech? How does leading Risk Management sound?

With specialist experience in Banking and Financial Services, our experts will work closely with you to match your skills with the right opportunity.

We’ll take the time to understand your ambitions. What motivates you. And together with our market insight and in-depth knowledge, we’ll focus on the best positions for your experience. 


Building your Engineering career to even greater heights.

Our consultants have specialist expertise in Engineering. They also keep ahead of developing trends to know which skillsets are needed in the future.

How can you benefit from our industry experience?

At the start, we'll work closely to understand your specific needs. What are your ambitions? What kinds of roles and company culture are you looking for?

Why?  Simply put, we want to connect you with the right opportunity for your next leadership position.

And because we recruit for internationally-renowned businesses with roles available across Europe, we have the scale and breadth to suit your next career move.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Make a difference in Healthcare

New technology and our longer lifespans mean healthcare professionals face greater demands than ever before.

Expertise with a personal touch

So where do you fit in when it comes to this exciting environment? Are you looking to lead on the frontlines? Is your experience in providing the back-end support for critical services?

Whatever your career aspirations, we're committed to understanding your needs and finding roles that suit you.

Through ongoing training, research and multidisciplinary backgrounds, our consultants understand the latest industry trends - and how to get to the root of what you want from your career. This means you're in trusted hands in your search for a new career.

Matching you with the right roles

We have proven experience partnering with leading public and private sector healthcare organizations across Europe.

And since we understand organizations' needs as well as yours, we can focus on finding close matches for career success.

Human resources

What’s your next step forward in Human Resources? We'll show you.

Automation is on the rise, but there's always a need for talents in Human Resources. People with empathy. People with strategic understanding. People like you.

We’ll connect you with a great future

We'll learn where you see your next step in HR. What makes you tick. What drives you to succeed.

Before introducing you to employers, we’ll meet with you to discuss your career objectives. We'll carefully consider what roles will stimulate you - and help you reach your goals.

Take advantage of our connections

Next, we'll use our breadth of industry connections and knowledge to help fulfil your objectives.

Whatever you're looking for, we’ll work restlessly to help you fulfil your ambitions.

Information technology

Prepare yourself for your next big challenge in Information Technology

Security. Big data. Cloud technologies. What inspires you?

It’s our job to understand how you work

Technology is constantly evolving. Your career needs to keep up.

That’s why each of our Consultants specializes in a specific IT sector. And why we’ll take the time to understand your career goals and how you work.

In other words: we know how to place you in the right role to suit your skills, experience and personal preferences.

We’re looking for professionals across the IT industry. If you’re looking for your next big opportunity, find it with us.

Procurement and supply chain

Connect with the future of Procurement and Supply Chain

How are your interpersonal skills? How flexible are you? What do you think about customer service? The direction of the Industry?

We want to know all about you and what drives you as a leader in Procurement.

The next step in your career

With their specialist experience of procurement and supply chain recruitment, our consultants will match your particular skills with the right opportunity.

We’ll take the time to understand your aspirations. What captures your imagination. And coupled with our market insight and in-depth industry knowledge, we’ll focus on the best available positions for your experience.

Personal approach for the right result

We’ll meet with you to discuss your career aspirations before introducing you to employers, and carefully consider where you’d thrive.

Sales and marketing

Turn yourself into an in-demand Sales & Marketing candidate

Organizations are demanding talents in sales and marketing. Professionals with outstanding , high-level selling, building customer sales relationships, business acumen, and collaboration.

How can our network work for you?

Whatever Sales & Marketing role you’re searching for, we've got the industry links to find your next role.

You'll benefit from the huge networking potential of our consultants - but you’ll also work with a team that listens closely to your priorities and personal goals.

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