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Real Estate & Construction

An industry with an increasing demand for specialist competence

Our advisors have experience with both the real estate industry and the construction industry.

A common factor is that they are in huge need of specialists

Within real estate, and also commercial real estate, there are trends towards digitalization and needs for new technology. From analysts to digital minds and developers – the increase of demand is prominent.

The construction industry is growing each year which causes an increase on the demand for skilled professionals educated specifically in their field. Engineers and skilled workers are equally needed.

We can help you find what you are looking for and we will ensure quality through our well defined process.

Life Science

Find Healthcare professionals that match your needs. We'll make sure you match theirs.

Qualified professionals in Healthcare are highly trained and selective about who they work for. So when you have an open leadership position, it's increasingly difficult to find the right mix of cultural fit, innate talent and reliable experience.

Expertise with a personal touch

Our team is committed to taking that challenge head-on. We have proven experience partnering with leading public and private sector healthcare organizations across Europe.

Our people work tirelessly to make sure they understand current and emerging trends across the industry.

With ongoing training, research and multidisciplinary backgrounds, our consultants can connect with leadership talent on a one-to-one level.

And by understanding candidates' needs as well as yours, they'll match your business requirements with the right talent.


How do you find the right people in transformational Technology?

The secret? Knowing the market as well as you do.

We understand the complexities and challenges of Information Technology.

And we know all about the importance of sourcing exceptional senior talent. It's how the strongest businesses respond to challenging and rapidly evolving technical environment.

Right people, right focus.

We examine the motivations and ambitions of Information Technology candidates. We keep a close eye on industry trends. The result? A recruitment approach that keeps pace with an ever-evolving industry. 
So when you’re looking to strengthen your business with the right people, our consultants will be ready to meet your unique requirements.

FMCG & Retail

An industry going through transformation needs change management and innovative heads.

The retail industry is going through fundamental changes for the whole value chain.

This creates a need for the ability to readjust and find new ways to do things.

B+C has long experience from recruitment within the retail industry, but also roles within change management. In addition we know where to find the digital, creative and innovative heads.


Building confidence in engineering

We know that hiring the right people is vital. We know employee retention is essential. Our team specializes in finding talented leaders in Engineering - a highly-competitive market.

Benefit from our industry expertise and experience

To secure the best talent in engineering, we deep dive into your industry. We constantly monitor trends and movements.

And to make sure you only meet the best candidates, we develop an approach that's personalized to your needs. So you get the right combination of skills, experience and talent for your business.

Finance & Insurance

Results-driven. Analytical. Intelligent. You've got exacting standards. So do we.

The Banking and Financial Services talent environment has intense competition for highly-skilled candidates. From large investment banks and asset managers to insurance companies and boutique hedge funds, our consultants make sure your organization consistently engages and retains top talent.

Turn your next hires into significant business assets

We have an extensive database of qualified and experienced Banking and Financial Services professionals. Combined with our consultative approach, we've added value to thousands of organizations. Let's do the same for yours.

Whatever you’re looking for, our high-touch consultants will work closely with you. We'll appraise each candidate with a rigorous process that gets to the root of their ambitions and drivers.

The result? You only meet with high quality candidates who really match your business requirements.

Talk to us now about finding the right leaders for your business.


Make the right connections in Procurement and Supply chain.

Finding the brightest Procurement and Supply chain talent is a challenge for a huge number of businesses. With a dedicated team and wide network of high-caliber professionals, we have the solution.

Personal approach to find you the right talent

We believe in building long term partnerships with people and businesses. We’ll get to know what works for you and tailor our approach to suit — helping you to anticipate challenges, track trends, and meet your goals.

And when you need professionals to strengthen your team, we'll work tirelessly to identify the right candidates. Our high-touch and personalized makes sure you'll only ever meet the best.

Sales & Marketing

Grow your business with the best leaders in Sales and Marketing

You know that effective sales and marketing drives business growth. You know it's essential to find and retain the best leaders in this field. We're here to help.

Trusted the world over

Our in-depth understanding of the challenges is known across the industry. It's why we're recognised as market leaders in sourcing qualified, experienced and talented Sales and Marketing leaders.

Over four decades, we've carefully built high-value networks of dedicated senior professionals for businesses large and small — from global brands, to local SMEs. Now it's time to make our networks work for you.

Sales & distribution

Our team of consultants operate a focused, collaborative approach to discovering talent.

They'll partner with you to make the right connections for your business.

Human Resources

Take a consultative approach to HR Recruitment

You know an HR manager’s specialist skills go far beyond hiring and managing talent. Not only can they see how your people are performing, they also have deep insight into the kind of talent that you need for the future.

In other words: the right HR talent can transform your business. 

With access to a comprehensive database of elite, diverse professionals, our specialist HR recruitment consultants will find the right managers to help grow your business.

Consultation that gets you the best results

Our consultative approach means we’ll work with you to understand the skills and experience you need in your talent, whether you’re recruiting at officer or director level.

Building relationships is central to our approach, which is why we focus on creating long-term partnerships, rather than transactional exchanges. We work to understand your business and the role HR talent has in its success.

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