LinkedIn Etiquette and increasing profile views

  • Matt Gascoigne
  • 10/12/2014
  • 12:42
  • Adecco Group

To keep ahead of the competition with your job search, it is important to take advantage of all channels available.

Social media should not be ignored, with LinkedIn being the platform of choice for most professional networkers.

It is important to understand the etiquette and how to present your online brand to the best of your ability – giving you a competitive edge over your potential online competitors for that dream job you have your eyes set on.

Top tips for LinkedIn


1. Pay as much attention to detail with your digital profile as you would to your formal, day-to-day personal brand: the way you interact with others, how you present or articulate yourself and even the visual impression you create. Make sure your profile is up to date, accurate and delivers the right messages that will enhance your reputation.


2. In the digital world what is left unsaid can often be the most damaging. For example, if you have no listed interests, a prospective employer may assume your interests are too unprofessional to be included in your online profile, making you a less attractive candidate.


3. Have a current and professional photo that is relevant to your prospective industry. A shirt, tie and suit combination is suitable for the professional services industries, such as accountancy or law, whilst smart casual may work better for media jobs. Be wary of photos that try to showcase your funny or ‘cool’ side, as it can easily be misinterpreted. More clients are rejecting based on a candidate’s digital profile than ever.


4. Have a really strong summary that sells you from the top down. Start with headline messages about your key skills and the role you play in your current company, and include plenty of industry relevant content to ensure you come up top in search results.


5. Use the work experience sections under each position you have held to illustrate specific successes, competences and commercial proof points that demonstrate your strength in your chosen area. Look to convey how you have grown and progressed in your career so far. Ask for and give referrals, as this will back up what you have shared about yourself. Encourage people to endorse you for your skills.”


6. Use the platform to upload projects and presentations that showcase your work. People are often more taken by visual examples than just words.”


7. The more you share and comment on others’ content, the more you will have your profile viewed, and your own content shared. This will ensure prospective employers see the strength of your network and your interest in your chosen market, and will ensure you are seen as someone with something of interest to say.”


8. Join relevant groups to build your knowledge and broaden your network. If your profile is not reaching the right audience, it is likely you haven't created the right network.”


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