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Pubblicato 26 May 2022
55.000 € - 65.000 €
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Finance & Accounting
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Client Description:

This position will be responsible for ERM initiatives and activities across all departments/functions, for all regions where operates. Senior analyst we’ll be deeply involved in design and implement the Risk frameworks, processes and methodologies.


Core responsibilities

  • Work with ERM Responsible in setting the ERM function: Framework definition, methodology and process.
  • Ensure risks are accurately identified, mapped to associated controls and continuously monitored across global operations and business functions
  • Risk surveys – coordinate survey executions and accumulate, assess and report survey results on risk topics and trends to management.
  • Development, implementation and administration of the Company’s ERM platform solution and associated projects
  • Work with business partners on development and execution of risk response and mitigation activities within the region and/or globally as necessary.
  • Accumulate and monitor performance metrics to identify elevated business risks and/or negative risk trends that may require attention in a timely manner and provide reporting on risk trends and effectiveness of risk mitigation activities
  • Work with business partners on establishing and monitoring business continuity plans across all essential processes of the business.
  • Benchmark with external sources Risk mapping evolution, emerging risk identification and a special focus on Cybersecurity
  • Work with Internal Audit, Internal Control, Tax, Compliance and external auditors and outside consultants as appropriate on required risk assessments, controls documentation and audits
  • Interact with Sustainability team to ensure overlapping responsibilities and objectives are continuously met. ESG risk assessment to be included in scope   
  • Use of appropriate discretion and confidentiality in handling sensitive information
  • Travel exposure LOW (<10%)

Key Performance Measurements

  • Efficient time management across multiple ongoing priorities (i.e., effective multi-tasking)
  • Timely updates and reporting of business objective risks and associated metrics
  • Continuous efforts toward ERM methodology improvements within an evolving business function
  • Independent and effective management of multiple projects often running concurrently

Candidate Profile:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • > 5 years experience in ERM/risk financinging/Internal control/business development eventually Internal audit (including ICT audit experience),
  • Experience performing risk assessments
  • Vendor management experience
  • Fluent english language


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