Job | Senior Director Living | Badenoch + Clark
Posted 12 May 2022

*Serás redirigido a la plataforma de ofertas de empleo del Grupo Adecco

·      You will have and take care of relations with institutional investors and private wealth, within the different Living segments, with a special focus on residential PRS/BTR.

·      You will be one of the leaders and point of reference of a multidisciplinary team with a strong analytical component and a deep real estate knowledge, generous and with a strong teamwork spirit.

·      You will originate and lead diverse transactions, meaning direct and indirect real estate deals, portfolios or single asset deals, mostly in residential.

·      You will have the opportunity to be an important part developing the growth within the area of all the segments within Living, most of which are in current growth, professionalization and consolidation.

·      You will understand the more operational side of the business, key within all Living sectors, mainly due to the different operational models around the different markets.

·      You will be a good team manager, leading by example, being a reference and strong ability to make decisions.

To apply you need to be / have:

- Do you bring a minimum of 7 years' experience in the Real estate/Financial sector?

- Do you bring a strong knowledge of investors within the Living sector specially residential?

- Do you bring a high level of knowledge of REITs and other investment vehicles?

- Are you financial / real estate role with some knowledge of M&A transactions?

- Do you have a high level of English?