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At companies’ side to select future leaders

At Badenoch + Clark we select the most prepared consultants to offer head hunting services of the highest quality and follow a custom approach for each client. Furthermore, we build our proposals by adapting to market trends and to each industry’s specific features

How we work

In selecting managers and professionals, we work at companies’ side to design customized and flexible solutions for them. Our goal is to ensure the talents we find match our clients’ expectations and needs exactly. At the same time, we are very careful that our candidates find the right opportunity for a solid and stimulating career.

Permanent Placement

Big decisions need strong partners. Find the best-fit recruits with our custom-made approach.

Permanent placement is our tailored approach to help you identify, attract and recruit the best long-term talent for your organization.

We partner with leading organizations to build highly talented and specialized teams. We take care of the entire process: from initial candidate and client meetings to placement and post-placement care.

We’re restless in our ambition to find the right fit for your business from our diverse network of leading professionals.


Make the right decision - before you meet your candidates.

With our rigorous selection approach and qualified psychometric assessments, we'll make sure you only meet the right candidates.

Our market-specific assessments give you insights into the traits, attitudes and behaviors of a candidate - and how they'll perform inside your organization.

Plus, you'll get a balanced and focused picture of a candidate's suitability for senior management and leadership positions.


Focus on your core business. Let us take on the rest.

Looking for an alternative to traditional client consulting processes? We have the answer.

We’ll take ownership of everything from one-off challenges to complex projects. Simply put, we’ll free up people and resources – so you can concentrate on your core business.

Plus, our consultants will help you reassess your existing consultancy commitments to make sure you’re getting real value.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

You need someone for the short term. You need someone now. Get instant access to experienced leaders.

Need high-quality cover for interim placement? We can help.

We've built a network of high caliber, fully vetted candidates. Which means we can source highly skilled and proven interim managers for between two weeks and 18 months.

All our candidates are rigorously assessed to make sure they've got the right skillset for your business.