Pernilla Börjesson - Senior Consultant | B+C

Pernilla Börjesson

Pernilla graduated from Lund University with a degree in Economics. She began her career as an interim consultant in finance, and moved from there to becoming a consultant manager for a team working in finance, office, and administration. Pernilla then went after what was to become her specialty – recruitment consultancy – and has stuck with it for the past 14 years. She is responsible for the entire recruitment process including company mapping and analysis, search, headhunting, and selection using behavioral based interview methods and work psychological testing. Pernilla is trained and certified in Assessment Center which is of great use in processes where one needs to observe candidate behavior under pressure. During her years as a recruitment consultant, she has acquired a wide network and has great experience in immersing herself into an organization and its functions, and by doing so isolating and evaluating the needs and demands for leadership, specific competencies, personal qualities, talents, and skills, to find the very best candidates for each process.


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