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Ellen Ruth | B+C

Ellen Ruth is a Bachelor of International Marketing from NMH / ESC Nantes and has 25 years of experience from leadership, sales and marketing.

She has been sales director for Amedia Buskerud, a region with eight media companies, as well as sales manager digital, business developer and Key Account Manager. She has also worked with sales and marketing in large companies, i. e in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ruth has run many major change and re-organisational processes. She has conducted competence mapping and created digital competence development programs, built sales teams and worked a great deal on creating good corporate culture. She has in-depth knowledge of the media industry challenges in relation to new business models, relevant content, subscription strategy and advertising platforms.

She has extensive insight into market strategy, communication and sales management, stands for high implementation capacity and is concerned with the development of new business areas.

She now uses her long management experience and network to provide businesses with the expertise they need for the future. Ruth works primarily on executive positions and specialist roles in companies within media, telecom, professional services and industry.


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