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Accounting & Finance

Do you have exacting standards? So do we. Find your next JOB in Accounting and Finance.

Are you looking for the next step in your career?

Our consultants understand the Accounting & Finance sector. That's why we have a portfolio of exclusive clients, including listed companies, financial institutions, family offices and new generation start-ups. 

Our Consultants work in your interest.

We'll work restlessly to understand your career aspirations and what drives you.

A good understanding of your career allows us to find professional opportunities best suited to your expectations. As experts who care about your interests, we advise and give you access to a broad portfolio of companies. 

Banking, Insurance & Financial Services

Define your next role in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

The world of Banking and Financial Services is constantly evolving. Existing roles are changing. New roles are emerging. And technology is transforming how businesses operate.

With the evolution of the sector, you must guarantee your own progress.  Define your next role in the Banking and Financial Services. 

Taking the next step in your career

Does the business challenge motivate you? Are you interested in being at the forefront of Fintech? How does leading Risk Management sound?

With specialist experience in Banking and Financial Services, our experts will work closely with you to match your skills with the right opportunity.

We will take the time to understand your ambitions and motivation. In addition to our insight and in-depth knowledge of the market, we will focus on the most relevant jobs based on your experience. 

Engineering & Manufacturing

Develop your career in Engineering & Manufacturing

Our consultants have specialist expertise in Engineering & Manufacturing. They also keep ahead of developing trends to know which skillsets are needed in the future.

How can you benefit from our industry experience?

At first, we will work closely with you to understand your specific needs. What are your ambitions? What type of role and company culture are you looking for?

Why?  Simply put, we want to connect you with the right professional opportunity.

Human resources

What’s your next step in Human Resources? We'll show you.

Automation is on the rise, but we still need HR professionals. People with empathy. People with strategic vision. People like you.

We believe in a promising future

We want to know how you see your next step in HR. What motivates you? What drives you to succeed?

Before introducing you to employers, we will meet with you to discuss your career objectives. We will carefully consider what roles will stimulate you - and help you reach your goals.

Take advantage of our connections

Next, we will leverage our extensive professional network and industry knowledge to offer you the best career choices.



You're at the top of your game, with the judgement and decision-making skills to match. So, when you decide to move on in your career, it’s a decision that deserves the finest support.

Guidance you can really trust

The placement of legal profiles, at all levels, is one of our specialties.

Together, we will carefully examine the opportunities that suit your ambitions. Next, will use our expansive professional network to connect you with the most exciting opportunities on the market, those that propel your career forward.

We are dedicated to giving you a personal approach

We will meet with you to discuss your career objectives before introducing you to employers, and carefully consider the most stimulation and challenging opportunities. 



Do you have good interpersonal skills? How flexible are you? What do you think about customer service? The direction of the Industry?

We want to know all about you and what drives you as a professional in Procurement & Supply Chain 

The next step in your career

With their specialist experience of Procurement and Supply Chain recruitment, our consultants will match your particular skills with the right opportunity.

We will take the time to understand your career aspirations. What captures your imagination. And coupled with our market insight and in-depth industry knowledge, we’ll focus on the best available opportunities for your experience.

Personal approach for the right result

We will meet with you to discuss your career aspirations before introducing you to our clients, and carefully consider opportunities where you’d thrive.

Procurement & Supply Chain


Our teams of Sales and Marketing consultants operate a focused, collaborative approach to discovering the right talent for your organisation. 
Over four decades, we've carefully built high-value networks of dedicated senior professionals. We build genuine partnerships with businesses of all sizes — from global brands, to local SMEs. These long held relationships have given us a unique insight into the climate of the industry.
We have the network, knowledge and extensive resources to connect you with the right candidates for your temporary, interim and permanent roles.
Marketing plays an essential role in the growth of a business and it is important to have a marketing department full of talented, dedicated and inspirational staff if you are looking to grow your business or create the right brand.
Having an intrinsic understanding of your business operations enables us to identify the marketing and communications professionals who will not only add value but thrive within your culture.
We understand how important it is to have the right Marketing expert for business strategies and how the right Communications person is imperative for positive brand image and employee engagement.
Although our consultants are first and foremost recruitment experts – they specialise in the recruitment of marketing professionals. This means you can be assured they will always have their finger on the pulse in terms of market trends.
Our service and delivery methods are tailored to meet your specific requirements; we can develop bespoke campaigns and solutions that address your unique staffing challenges — whether you’re recruiting for one role, or one hundred.

Sales & Marketing

Get ready to start your new career in Sales & Marketing

Organisations are becoming more demanding. They are looking for competent professionals in personnel management, IT, business development and strategic vision.

How can our network work for you?

You will benefit from our vast professional network as well as the expertise of our consultants to find you the job that suits you.

You will work with a team that knows how to listen and take into account your priorities and your personal and professional goals.



We understand the importance of recruiting highly qualified professionals. Knowing how to retain your best employees is the key to a successful team. Trust our experts to find the most knowledgeable candidates in the construction industry.

Benefit from our network.

Let us put you in touch with our talented and experienced candidates.



Attracting and hiring the right employee is essential to a successful team and reinforces the foundation of your business. Our experts specialize in recruiting professionals in the administrative field.

Benefit from our network.

Let us introduce you to the best candidates.

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