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Diversity charter

Badenoch + Clark is transitioning to LHH Recruitment Solutions

We’re excited to announce that Badenoch + Clark will be rebranding as LHH Recruitment Solutions, continuing to provide its services as part of a unified global LHH brand for end-to-end talent solutions.

In the coming months you will learn about our new market approach as we begin an exciting transition to form part of one global brand. This transformational shift is client centric and will mean we can better service your workforce needs at every key career moment.

As you face new challenges and an incredible pace of change, we are ready to help you find and prepare for what’s next. As part of one unified brand, we can now enable access to more expansive offerings built to create agile organizations and careers while preparing the world of talent for whatever lies ahead through LHH’s solutions in professional recruitment, talent acquisition, career transition, learning and talent development, and soon in advisory.

To learn how the new brand will help leading organizations transform their workforce, visit www.lhh.com. Or follow us on LinkedIn.

Diversity charter

Badenoch + Clark Signs 'Charte de la Diversite Letzebuerg'

Chez Badenoch + Clark, Luxembourg, nous sommes fiers de faire partie de la Charte de la Diversité Lëtzebuerg. Stanislas DUTREIL, MD, Belgique et Luxembourg, a récemment signé cette charte nationale montrant notre engagement à promouvoir la diversité sur le lieu de travail au #Luxembourg. Un total de 230 entreprises sont maintenant membres de cette Charte de la #Diversité.

At Badenoch + Clark #Luxembourg, we are proud to be part of the Charte de la Diversité Lëtzebuerg. Stanislas DUTREIL, MD, Belgium and Luxembourg, recently signed this national charter showing our commitment to promote #diversity in the workplace in #Luxembourg. A total of 230 companies are now members of this #Diversity #Charter.

Overview of Executive Employment in Europe

Overview of Executive Employment in Europe
What are the economic and employment trends in Europe? Which are the most attractive European countries? What are the employment predictions by 2030?

24 March 2021

Impact of Leadership on Talent Retention

The costs of losing talent are hard to quantify. Whatever the precise cost to a company, in financial terms, there is no question that the damage of excessively high turnover is real. A certain amount of turnover is inevitable and even healthy!

9 March 2021


What are the most important set of skills that the organizations of today and tomorrow would need?

1 October 2020

Effective resume

Recruiters receive many resumes every day. It is essential to know how to stand out from other candidates thanks to a well written CV, pictures, use of keywords and languages etc.
Let Badenoch + Clark share some valuable advice which will help you get a job interview thanks to your resume.

19 August 2020
We have launched a new service !


As organisations begin to emerge from crisis management to business continuity, industries are likely to find internal capacity is limited in the key areas they require to ensure they rapidly get back to business as usual.

28 May 2020

Win4Youth - The Adecco Group

Win4Youth is in the hearts of all colleagues at The Adecco Group. For the seventh year in a row, colleagues all over the globe will be taking part in sports events, united behind a great cause that allows us to live our values to the full. In our free time, we clock up kilometres and turn them into a Group donation to foundations supporting youth development, giving youngsters in need a better start in life and work.

29 June 2018


On 4th February 2016, Annie Burton, Executive Consultant at Badenoch & Clark, was elected Secretary of a new Luxembourg association - Federation Recruitment Search & Selection (FR2S).

Growth mindset

Welcome to Badenoch + Clark's second installment in collaboration with Jill Saville.

How many marbles

Now many of my friends would answer that question with ‘not many’ but I am doing a lot of reflection.

Idle leadership

Jill Saville Executive Coach, trainer and writer gives insight on leadership development

Smart run in 2018

Are you ready to run or walk?
Are you ready to surpass your own limits?
Are you ready to combine networking and team building?

Sticks and stones

Jill Saville is an Executive Coach, trainer, speaker and writer gives her views on International Womens's Day.
​Does the language that we use affect the way we think? ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

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