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Quando i "no" fanno la forza

Un luogo comune ci vuole sempre positivi e brillanti. Un altro luogo comune vede ogni critica al proprio operato come un atto di ostilità.

18 March 2019

Leadership trasformativa e auto-efficacia

Elaborata alla fine degli anni Settanta da James MacGregor Burns, l’idea di leadership trasformativa (transformational leadership) indica uno stile che comporta una chiara visione organizzativa dove «leaders and followers» si aiutano l’un l’altro, al fine di raggiungere livelli più avanzati di standard professionali.

18 March 2019

Superconnectors: boost your network

We constantly produce consequences and generate relationships. Every gesture, every action in our life is deeply connected to other gestures, other actions, other lives.

19 February 2019

The roots of empathy in executive leadership

In his “Theory of Moral Sentiments”, published in 1759, the father of modern economics Adam Smith described a society founded on feelings, i.e. on our interpersonal ability to share and understand other people’s emotions and feelings.

19 February 2019

Executive compensation, a universe to understand

Badenoch + Clark’s “Executive Compensation Outlook 2018” research takes stock of the remuneration packages granted to top managers in listed companies (by Pietro Valdes, Harvard Business Review Italia, November 2018).

4 September 2018

The dream company

An infographic reveals how managers and executives describe their dream company.

4 February 2019

Data protection between regulation and flexibility

The new European regulation aims to protect our privacy as well as our clients’, with important changes for companies and their governance. A new balance must be found in order to comply with the rules without compromising the need for flexibility.

16 January 2019