Recruitment Post-COVID-19: The New Candidate Experience

Recruitment Post-COVID-19: The New Candidate Experience

5 August 2020

It has always been our unique feature to see the person behind their CV, to understand their needs and aspirations and to recognise their potential. Therefore, our consultants invest a great deal of time getting to know candidates personally, offering them support whenever they need it. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about sudden changes in the way people lead both their personal and professional lives. So, what have we changed at Badenoch + Clark to adapt our recruiting process to the new guidelines of social distancing?

The evolution of job interviews

We use video conferencing platforms to conduct conversations with our candidates digitally. This solution has been used by many companies for some time, e.g. for interviewing candidates based in a different country. Thus, we get a visual impression even without personal encounters and can better assess the applicant’s personality and whether he or she would fit in with the company and the future team. For many candidates, this form of communication may be new, and spark fears and uncertainties. Our consultants are here for them to ensure they familiarise themselves with the new technologies and, if needed, help to create application videos.

We have also given some thought to references and are increasingly concentrating on the so-called 360-degree feedback. A reference from a line manager is usually not enough to create a detailed profile of the employee. Therefore, we also collect the opinions of former colleagues, customers, and suppliers. This way, recruiters and clients alike can get a better picture of the applicant’s personality and abilities.

Keeping candidates in the loop

Supplying our candidates with a central hub of information which they can refer to in each local market provides long-term value throughout the hiring process and beyond. We share regular updates with relevant content as the COVID-19 crisis evolves. Furthermore, we leverage social media channels to direct candidates to a central hub and include links to relevant content on Adecco Group websites.

Pandemic or not, candidates should be aware that companies are hiring again, and the recruitment process has not slowed down. We advise them to stay in touch with their consultants just like before the crisis. They should use any extra time on their hands to inform themselves about new tools and technologies, and keep their CVs up to date. Candidates are also encouraged to send us 360-degree references on their own initiative.

Guiding candidates through virtual onboarding

A smooth and successful integration of new hires into the new working environment stimulates higher productivity and retention. Hence, the onboarding process is of paramount importance. Employers often leave a new hire alone with company documents to read and videos to watch. We offer our clients assistance in guiding candidates through the onboarding process. Virtual onboarding is a novelty for most organisations and may present certain challenges. However, it is possible to deliver proper remote onboarding. For example, LinkedIn stepped away from cramming an overload of information into a single day. Instead, they created a one-week virtual onboarding event, featuring live speakers and facilitators, and a virtual “happy hour” with their new team. This approach helps new hires to stay flexible and more engaged and allays any fears and worries they might have.

COVID-19 has affected all areas of our lives, and the recruiting process has not been spared. While social distancing came as a shock, one thing is for certain: we have been propelled into a new era of recruiting, and proven that hiring the right person for the right job without meeting him or her in person can be achieved.