Case Study | Manager Executive Legal | Badenoch + Clark
Fraser Turnbull

Fraser Turnbull, Manager, Executive Legal


Tell us how you came to live and work in Luxembourg?

The market in Scotland was challenging for lawyers during the financial crisis, and as a direct result it was for the recruitment market too. But I loved working for B&C and didn’t wish to leave. Fortunately I had done well enough in the preceding years within Badenoch & Clark’s Edinburgh office to make it a viable option to at least investigate. At the time, it was the only European office that we had and I wanted to explore the opportunity if one existed within the Group. In essence, I then made contact with the Director in Luxembourg and convinced him and the Luxembourg colleagues I met that it would be a good idea to open a market they never had in a jurisdiction I had never worked in or knew anything about (which tied in nicely with their growth plans as it happened)!

Would you recommend moving internationally for anyone interested?

Absolutely, yes. It really was the single biggest and most positive impact to my B&C career, which has spread over a decade now. In short, it allowed me to learn, develop, and re-position myself and my skills in ways I would never have been able to if I had stayed in the UK.

What made you return to your native Scotland?

My wife and I wanted to start our own family close to our parents. At the same time, it was fortuitous the financial crisis was slowly coming to a close, while the legal market in Scotland was showing signs of recovery. So professionally and personally, it made sense to do it at that time.

What is your career highlight?

Achieving the ‘biggest ever single fee’ in both Luxembourg and Scotland. These are two records I still hold for offices which have been operating respectively for well over 15 years! Oh and being invited to represent B&C at the Queen’s Garden Party in Scotland.


The day-to-day ethos of the company: honesty, teamwork, clear encouragement to add value, and the active promotion of entrepreneurship.