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Leading today's Multi-generational Workforce

The leaders of today are in a unique position. They could find themselves managing teams of four or more generations, with employees ranging from 18 to 80. This increasingly multi-generational workforce has huge implications for employers: how do you attract, retain and manage employees of such widely differing ages, who are likely to have different priorities, skills and preferences?

With Millennials and Generation Z very much in the spotlight, many employers will be focusing on how to cater to the needs of younger generations. However, the most radical change in terms of age in the workplace is the fact that people are living and w...

Inspiring Inclusion in the Workplace

UK legislation sets minimum standards which cover age, disability, race, gender, sexual orientation – among others, but an effective and efficient diversity & inclusion strategy goes beyond compliance and adds real commercial value to an organisation.

Given its growing importance to organisations, we were eager to find out more about the UK’s attitude and approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and so commissioned an in-depth analysis of 2,000 UK employees across the private and public sectors, split by age, gender and disability. Our findings suggest that while the upcoming generation of workers is more finely attuned...

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