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Our success relies on credibility, honesty and consistency. 

We do what we recommend to employers. Both internally (for our employees) and externally (for our candidates). Consistently. Because we are convinced that people decide about success or failure. That is why we support, encourage and accompany our employees as well as all applicants who are looking for a new challenge with us on their way to the top.

Great Place to Work

Great Place To Work

We demand a lot from our employees. But we also offer them more than others. That’s why the Adecco Group got named a «Great Place to Work» on several occasions.

  • Everyone supports one another because we only win as a team.
  • Hard work pays off. For the team and the individual employee. We reward every commitment that helps us on our common path.
  • Our consultants work closely with leading employers and promising talents to build and expand their personal networks.
  • Because we believe in our employees, we offer them not only above-average social benefits, but also unique career opportunities, goal-oriented training and further education.
  • Diversity enriches. That’s why we all have the same opportunities. Regardless of their age, gender, nationality or professional experience.
  • The doors to our managers are open to all employees. For example, if they want to discuss a topic or need advice for their own career.
  • We promote the compatibility of family and career. Therefore, we offer individual and flexible working models such as home office and part-time or additional holidays
  • Our market is growing fast. We are constantly on the lookout for ambitious employees and promote all our employees in a goal- and future-oriented manner, developing a tailor-made career plan for everyone. This includes regular training and development, either internally by managers or externally by coaches. We also support mobility in middle and senior management or within the Adecco Group in Switzerland and abroad.

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