Part of the Adecco Group
Our core business is finding ambitious and motivated specialists or managers. On one hand, we personally look after promising talents from the first meeting to signing the contract, advise them on their way to the top and open doors to employers who challenge and support them.

On the other hand, we support companies that are looking for them and are appreciating specialists who want to achieve more than others. Despite this specialization, we can offer candidates and employers all personnel services from a single source. Because we are part of the Adecco Group.

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The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The history of the Adecco Group began in 1957 when Henri Lavanchy founded Adia in Lausanne. Over the time of six decades, it has become the world's leading provider of HR solutions and services. Today, the Fortune Global 500 company the Adecco Group has more than 34’000 people working in more than 60 countries. In Switzerland, the Adecco Group’s headquarter is in Zurich and has more than 100 offices all over the country. In addition to Badenoch + Clark, the group includes:

The advantages for employers and candidates

The advantages to be small and focused are: We know our customers personally and look after them individually. Additionally, being part of the Adecco Group gives us and our customers access to an exceptional network, both locally and internationally.



We are at home in Switzerland and all around the globe. We know the local markets and use our networks to fill vacancies or find new challenges.


We work across borders sharing the same values, offering the same services and using unified processes in all companies.



We promote innovation projects or start-ups within the Group and take on other service providers in order to continually adapt and optimize our services to meet the needs.



We recognize trends at an early stage, analyze them and derive meaningful measures. We share our in-depth knowledge with our clients, whether they are employers or candidates.



As a listed company, we must comply with all national and international regulations and laws. Our clients and candidates can rely on this. We also take our corporate social responsibility very seriously.



We exemplify what we recommend. That is why we promote our employees in a goal- and future-oriented manner and offer them career opportunities at home and abroad. This way, we create loyalty - and our clients don't have to start from scratch with a new consultant every time.