How we work

We value people and help them to go further

Our mission is much more than simply filling vacancies – we build careers. We develop long-lasting relationships with our candidates, so they trust us to support them in making intelligent career decisions. This means that we take our time, we consider experience as much as competencies and motivation and we highly value feedback. Our consultants engage in more than 10,000 face to face meetings per year and have an average of 4,000 connections on social media networks. We are more than just recruitment partners. We invest in partnerships focused on today’s challenges: digitalization, diversity and future of work.



In the application process, we look for similarities and reconcile the different interests of client and candidate.
  • We make sure that the interests of client and candidate are considered equally in every decision.
  • We take our time because a well-founded assessment is important. Our consultants analyze the history, culture and background of both client and candidate. This is important to understand the motivation and goals - and the basis for long-term and sustainable relationships.
  • We ensure that everyone communicates at eye level, with the same messages and goals.
  • We collect and share feedback throughout the process and manage the expectations of the client and the candidate.
  • We communicate directly and transparently and involve everyone in every decision. The client and the candidate must agree with all decisions.
  • We focus on the interests of our clients and candidates. If anything is unclear, our consultants clarify the misunderstandings and look for answers or alternatives.


What is important to us

Clients and candidates can rely on this:

  • We never talk to third parties about clients, candidates or contract negotiations. That’s a promise.
  • We are committed to all members of our networks and do everything we can to ensure their success, even after the contract has been signed.
  • We treat all clients and candidates equally. Because we focus on the individual, not the business or the turnover.
  • We adhere to all confidentiality and data protection guidelines and thus lay the foundation for a cooperative partnership.
  • We think and act long-term. A sustainable relationship from which everyone benefits is more important to us than quick (and short-term) success.