It might be good to change jobs now or seek a pay rise

It might be good to change jobs now or seek a pay rise

It’s the dawn of a new year. The pandemic continues, yet this hasn’t put an end to the opportunities, possibilities, and dreams that we all have.

13 January 2022

It’s the dawn of a new year. The pandemic continues, yet this hasn’t put an end to the opportunities, possibilities, and dreams that we all have.

The pace of change has accelerated. The world has adapted. The economy that we live in is now more digital and technologically advanced. Work has changed beyond recognition. The status quo from pre-pandemic times is no longer acceptable.

Workers have suddenly found their footing. They have far more bargaining power now than they did before. The world may have stopped briefly during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, but apart from this, change appears to be accelerating.

That’s why I believe now might be an excellent opportunity to change jobs or seek a pay rise. You would have to be sleeping under a rock if you haven’t heard about the global labour shortages. It’s affecting companies across all industries. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it will be easy to find your dream job or one that is suitable for you. But the opportunity is there.

Why change jobs now?

The answer is simple. You as a candidate now have even more bargaining power than ever. I’m seeing many decent candidates receive multiple offers. They can only choose one job so they have to reject the rest. Subsequently, the ball is in your court because when an offer is rejected, companies have to go back to the beginning of the recruitment process, which takes time and costs money.

When the contract is in your hands, they are vulnerable because you could reject their offer. I’m experiencing this now. I’ve seen candidates reject incredible jobs or negotiate on the finest details of what is in the offer letter. It’s not just the salary or bonus, but the ability to tailor the right job to their lifestyles and needs.

For instance, most candidates want work-based flexibility. Some are quitting because the companies they work for haven’t adapted. Some companies have even made strategic errors such as insisting that staff return to the office 100%. Quite a few have had to embarrassingly backtrack.

This is the world we are in flexible working is here to stay because it widens the talent pool that companies can tap into and makes the workplace fairer. If you are a skilled and sought-after candidate, it makes sense to ensure that this is part of your package so you remain satisfied with your work and home life balance as your needs change. 

Changing jobs now could be good for your career

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m taking such a strong position on this topic. The truth is I’m a recruiter and I need good candidates. And good candidates are hard to get so I need you.

At the same time, I also appreciate the incredible shifts we have seen in the recruitment market and I also need to adapt. The whole economy has restructured itself and is now accelerating towards a much faster paced and innovative future.

There are new jobs being created every day that previously didn’t exist. Jobs are also evolving and becoming much more interesting and challenging. If you feel stuck in the role that you are doing, now is the time to change and fulfil your potential.

This is the chance to move into a new role, reskill or up skill and have a much more rewarding and enriching career.

Do you have to change jobs?

This is the tricky part, which as a recruiter I prefer to not mention. But I’m honest, which is why the candidates I work with usually stay with me throughout their careers. For me, this is a long-term relationship so I will tell you the truth.

If you decide during your job search to stay where you are, then that is fine. In fact, you could go back to your existing employer and explain to them that the current status quo isn’t good enough. Perhaps you want a pay rise. Or perhaps you want more work-based flexibility or a better plan for your future career development.

The point is that you have the bargaining power to do this. If this is the route you decide to take then you as a candidate will become even more valuable to me when you do decide to move roles. A good recruiter will respect this decision from you and will wait for you when you do.

One final thought…

Think of it like this. I’m Italian and I love football. Talented footballers are extremely valuable for the teams they play for because of what they do and the skills they bring. Top candidates are the same. Furthermore, their mastery in what they do means they can craft and shape their careers the way they want. 

You are also extremely valuable to the company that you work for. Subsequently, you can take control of your destiny and your career. As we enter this New Year, you have the power to decide where you want to go.

So, what will it be?

Luca Semeraro

Head of Badenoch & Clark
Zurich, Switzerland

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