Is reskilling scarier than losing a job
Is reskilling scarier than losing a job

Is reskilling scarier than losing a job

Well of course it isn’t! But reskilling is something you can ill afford to be complacent about. The problem we face is that we are now entering a new fast-pace digital world where the skills we have can rapidly become redundant.

3 March 2021

This era of mass digitalisation is going to cause significant disruption across most industries as our global economy transforms itself technologically. Consequently, even the most experienced and highly skilled among us, will have to constantly reskill to keep up.

These are changes that are going to rewrite our job contracts. Some jobs will disappear, while new ones will be created. Meanwhile, nearly every skilled job is set to get even more complex thanks to digitalisation.

Reskilling will improve your career prospects in this digital age

Companies are either going to hire the people they need who are proficient at using new digital technology, or they will try to reskill the workforce they have.

Either way, participating in these training programmes could be hugely beneficial for your career. This will be true whether it’s for your current job or for the next company you work for. Moreover, it will make you even more valuable, giving you greater bargaining power when it comes to negotiating your salary.

As the shelf-life of new technologies continues to decline, adapting and reskilling to these changes will also need to happen much quicker than before. Consequently, continuous learning is set to become the norm, while the accessibility of being able to reskill will also increase in importance.

The challenge is knowing where to begin

For most experienced and talented job candidates, the need to reskill is already well understood. The problem is where to start. If youre busy and highly skilled, where do you find the time to do it? You also need to work out which new skills you need, which isn’t that simple. If you participate in a course that is badly designed or isn’t relevant to your needs, then you’ve wasted time and resources.

I believe the solution is to use a well-established platform, which offers tried and tested courses to people who are in the same industry as you. Our parent company – Adecco Group – is taking this very seriously because from experience it improves the quality of candidates that we can offer to clients.

Adecco Switzerland has partnered up with Microsoft to offer free high-quality courses

In Switzerland, there are now 46,000 more people unemployed then there were this time last year. Meanwhile, according to the Adecco Group, there were also 15% fewer job listings in Q4 2020 than during the same quarter last year. All of this is due to the pandemic.

Ironically, the pandemic has also accelerated digital transformation and the need for more digital skills. According to a study conducted by Adecco Group, during this period 59% of employees reported that they had improved their digital know-how during the first wave of the Coronavirus.

The progress made has been great, but it needs to continue. And, one of the biggest challenges that candidates face is where to go and find educational material that will allow them to digitally reskill. Consequently, Adecco Group in Switzerland has partnered up with Microsoft to create a new digital skills platform.

In the first phase of the platform being launched, a wide selection of courses, webinars and certificates will be provided by Microsoft Learn and LinkedIn Learning. These are both some of the best and most easily accessible digital learning platforms out there that are free to use. The only cost is for the certificates that are provided following the completion of the course. These are CHF 130 for employed individuals and CHF 15 for people registered at regional employment centres.

During the second phase, online assessments will also be made available. An online check will pick up on knowledge gaps and directly match the learning path that needs to be followed. There will also be an option for booking coaching sessions through "Skills for Switzerland" in one of the Adecco branches or through one of Microsoft's partners.

The upshot of digitalisation is that it also helps you reskill

Although the need to reskill is going to become more essential, technology will also make it more easily accessible. Of course, the onus is on us to be proactive and to actively reskill. Failing to do so will mean that in the future you will experience more career and certainty, which is the meaning behind the title for this post.

By contrast, embracing reskilling will open up new opportunities and may actually be extremely beneficial for your career in the long run.