Employer branding is crucial for attracting and recruiting talent
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Employer branding is crucial for attracting and recruiting talent

The brand of a company is not just defined by its products and services. It is also measured by how it treats its employees. This ‘employer brand’ is crucial for recruiting talented professionals, especially in Switzerland.

11 June 2020

When you think of companies like Google, LVMH or Lufthansa, it’s fair to say that these companies have well-established brands. They all have a good reputation in the industries they operate in. 

For candidates, it’s easy to join a well-known successful business. If everyone has heard of them, then few would question their decision to work there. Plus, the success of these companies is often linked to how they treat their employees.

A strong employer brand is therefore good for business. It helps attract the best talent in the industry, which offers an advantage over competitors. 

Most CEOs realise this. Famous British billionaire Richard Branson once said "Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients".


Why the employer brand is especially important in Switzerland

Switzerland is a candidate driven market. It has a shortage of highly skilled professionals.

Swiss companies, therefore, pay generously to attract and retain talent. From a candidate’s perspective this is important because changing jobs is risky. This is especially true if they move from one senior high-paying position to another.

Candidates can also use the employer brand to assess which companies might suit them when they are searching for a new role. They can self-assess whether the role and the company are suitable for them. Subsequently, a lot of time and effort can be saved during the recruitment process because only the right candidates apply.

The employer brand is also useful for recruitment companies trying to fill more high-profile roles. For instance, at Badenoch + Clark we often have many informal meetings, coffees and lunches with candidates before we present them to our clients. 

Understanding a company’s employer brand helps us a lot. It allows us to match the right candidate to the client because it gives us a good feel for what the company is about. It also helps us attract and improve the talent pool of applications that we can build for that specific client. What the client receives is a much better service from us because their employer brand is stronger.


The digital age is increasing the importance of the employer brand

Often candidates like to research companies online before they apply by reading their content and browsing their websites. They might also interact with companies through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, where they may connect with employees that already work at the companies they are researching. All these different points of digital interaction are a chance for a company to build on their employer brand.

However, having a strong employer brand is not just about trying to attract talent. It can also help retain talented professionals. A strong employer brand helps increase the level of motivation inside a company and develop a sense of pride among those who work there. This subsequently helps the recruitment process: when employees talk positively about their company, it generates an interest with the public and curiosity about what it’s like to work for them.

All talented professionals want to work for companies that have a powerful brand and good reputation. It demonstrates job security and the opportunity for a career to advance in the future. It also makes it easier for us at Badenoch + Clark to approach the candidates that our clients want to see.