Goodbye London, hello Sydney

Sunny moved over from Australia to study and qualify in the UK. Although still early on in her career, she has achieved so much, both academically and in her role. With recent changes in Australian competition law she has decided to begin her new chapter in Sydney, with some help from Sophie Burns and the City practice team.  

Tell us about your initial move to London. When was that and why did you decide to make the move back to Sydney? 

I moved to the UK for university to read English Law and French Law, including an Erasmus exchange to Paris. 

Having spent several years in Europe to gain an international experience and to be able to travel easily around Europe, I would now like to be closer to family in Australia and combine professional growth with personal lifestyle choices. With Brexit looming, it seemed like the right time to make the transition. 

What were the key things you learned working in London?

I’ve enjoyed working with the diversity of people from various nationalities and cultures -London is a vibrant, international hub.

Tell us about your career, what are the highlights?

I enjoy working in different cities around the world, having spent some time in Washington DC, London, Paris  and other places. 

How did you go about making the move? Were there logistical difficulties?

Seven Seas is a useful company for shipping belongings overseas. It is possible to ship most belongings, bearing in mind Australia’s quarantine rules (eg wooden objects). Clean and dry shoes to avoid dirt and mud for ease of clearing customs. 

As it takes approximately 3 months to ship belongings from the UK to Australia, consider sending documents and other materials required soon after arriving in Sydney by air mail, if they will exceed plane luggage weight restrictions. 

What are you looking forward to about your new role, what challenges do you anticipate?

I am looking forward to working for a top tier firm with bright employees. I will need to convert my UK legal qualification into an Australian one so there will be some additional studies ahead whilst working. It will be useful gaining another legal qualification.

What practical advice would you have for Australian lawyers thinking about moving and recommendations on what to do when here?

Research the work visa and indefinite leave to remain rules if you intend on making a permanent move to the UK. There are some travel and employment secondment restrictions.

Do you have any thoughts about working in another country has benefited you as a lawyer?

It is helpful to have an international outlook when working on cross-border, global transactions. 

What do you miss about Australian?

Family, friends, sunshine and lifestyle.

What’s your favourite thing about London/ favourite places to visit?

When I first arrived in the UK I joined various London Walks, a guided walking tour company conducting various themed walks around different parts of London. There are  themes such as a Charles Dickens walk, Shakespearean walk and day trips outside London. It’s a helpful way to experience the long history, culture and charming quirks of London.


What will you miss about London and what are you looking forward to in Sydney?

I will miss the international hub in London and the ease of travelling around Europe. 

I am looking forward to seeing family and re-connecting with childhood friends in Sydney and the next chapter of my career.


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