Executive Search vs. Contingent Recruitment: Which is Better?

As markets become more candidate-centric and competition for top performers hots up, employers are vying for the best solutions to an increasingly complex candidate conundrum.

Executive Search solutions are gaining in popularity as a direct result – helping businesses to secure the very best professionals in a fixed timeline, without being restricted to board-level positions.

10 Reasons Executive Search is Better Value than Contingent Recruitment

1. More suitable candidates: In Executive Search a long list of candidates is produced and a shortlist of suitable candidate is collaboratively agreed to take to interview.

2. Retention: You’ll benefit from the increased speed to appoint a replacement or get a new business area up and running – boosting moral and revenue, and reducing future turnover. 

3. Screening: A more collaborative process helps us to filter the most suitable candidates – demonstrating where value is being added, and offering full visibility. 

4. High priority: The positive pressure to deliver makes your Executive Search consultant less likely to take on additional projects and more likely to focus on delivery of the assignment.

5. Time saving: You’ll work with one consultant, saving you time and energy, and creating a relationship that will benefit the hiring process through focused knowledge. 

6. Passive Candidates: Engaging candidates directly through headhunting means executive consultants get a better response from in demand passive candidates. Where possible, approaching on the client’s behalf is more powerful, with more accurate results.

7. Planning: The interview process can be planned, dates put aside in advance, second and final meetings considered – allowing senior managers to use their time more efficiently. 


8. Extras: From branded advertising campaigns and ad-hoc websites, to psychometric and verbal and numerical testing, you’ll have more opportunities to add on extras. 

9. Exclusive candidates: Executive Search is unlikely to market candidates to other clients (they are focused on delivering your assignment) – eliminating bidding wars at offer stage.

10. Insurance: In the eventuality that your ideal candidate is countered, gets cold feet, or decides to emigrate, Executive Search includes a ‘back-up’ option, open to offer.

By Tom Faulkner, Principal Consultant


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