Back to the future - The importance of experiential marketing

In the plethora of marketing positions I work on, I sometimes find myself thinking, ‘That sounds more like a finance business intelligence role to me’ or, ‘I think they need an IT specialist’.

Confronted with a diverse array of roles, it strikes me how much marketing has developed. With many more tools available to us, data is greater, analysis deeper, content opportunities endless and reach infinite. So it's even more important to create a positive brand association. After all, we are all very quick to share a negative experience....

My career started in experiential marketing 17 years ago, I then moved to FMCG brand management and have recently embarked on a new adventure as a specialist marketing recruiter for Badenoch & Clark.

Through these 17 years, experiential marketing has clung to me as one of the most powerful forms of marketing - when done right. Think Red Bull. Everything they do is around creating a brand experience and emotionally relevant connection.

The idea behind experiential marketing is to immerse the consumer in an engaging, memorable experience, in a relevant environment, therefore creating a closer bond with a particular brand. In the past, stubborn traditionalists would say it lacked scale and ROI but the powerful combination of experiential supported by social media is contagious. When the experience is shared on social media, the marketing extends well beyond the people present at the event. Content is created, opening peer-to-peer endorsement, and the experience grows.

Therefore, this is the time for experiential marketing to really stand out. It deserves to be up there as a priority, built into strategy and standing out as a catalyst for the digital marketing ecosystem.

Check out iD for some great examples of experiential marketing.

Last month the UK launched its first degree in experiential marketing. To learn more, click  here.

By Jemma Montuschi, Principal Consultant



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