The use of portals - A recruiter’s perspective

As a mid- to senior-level recruiter, there is some trepidation when a client requests the use of a portal for the introduction of candidates. At the start, there are occasional issues (set up, login problems, reliability, etc.) and often they involve a lengthy candidate registration form refereed by an internal recruiter hot on non-compliance. Undoubtedly, however, when the portal is running, it delivers concrete benefits, including the ability to channel communication, create an internal database, resolve disputes over candidate ownership and build KPIs to monitor performance.

There are different variations on how portals are used. For some businesses, they work successfully in conjunction with a friendly, human approach. But on occasion portals become a catalyst for slow process and poor feedback through lack of personal contact. In this instance, their use can be damaging to employer branding and detrimental to securing the best talent. There is also some negativity in relation to candidate experience; the impact of which could be researched further before a decision is made on using a portal-based system.

At senior level, a partnering approach incorporating knowledge sharing, direct communication, timings based on what is achievable and respect for one another’s opinion are optimal for a credible consultant to provide best value to client and candidate. A hybrid solution for mid-level positions can use both methods, incorporating the KPI tracking offered by a portal system alongside personalised human contact, offering the best of both worlds for candidates and employers.

Have you experienced a portal system as a candidate? Or are you an employer that uses a portal system? Agree or Disagree with the above? I am always keen to know your thoughts and experiences.

    By Tom Faulkner, Principal Consultant - Procurement & Supply Chain



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