Ten Top Reasons to Join the Housing Sector

Ten irrefutable reasons to join the housing sector

At Badenoch & Clark, we’ve made it our mission to champion housing as an industry of choice. For over 20 years we’ve been connecting professionals with this space, and we love it!

Whether you’re leaving school, graduating from university, or looking for a change of career, housing might just be the sector for you.

What is housing?

You’ve heard of Oxfam, Shelter and Cancer Research, but how about Peabody Trust, Home Group or L&Q?  Housing Associations are charities too.  They’re not-for- profit businesses with social goals. Primarily, they provide, manage and build new properties for those unable to access private accommodation.

Over the last ten years, as wages fall further behind the cost of living and house prices escalate, the need for these services grows. Housing Associations often fill the gap between the public and private sector − using their financial strength and independence to offer solutions that no one else can.

Companies with a social purpose build careers that reward and inspire, as well as pay the bills.

Still need a bit of persuasion?


Top ten reasons to join the housing sector:

  1. Influence: Housing Associations are constantly adding new products and services, and if you specialise in these areas − like community investment and enterprise, lettings management, private residential construction or residential sales − your input will be truly valued.
  1. Clarity: Large companies are often vast business machines. Although their brands are well known, you’d be forgiven for scratching your head if someone asked what they do in the US, Europe, or even the 12th floor.  A Housing Association’s operating model can be explained in a page. It’s this clarity that gives a strong sense of purpose to every function.
  1. Diversity: The housing sector is always looking to strike a balance. Recent changes to government policy have altered HA business plans, and proactive thinking is essential. Innovation isn’t just a department; it’s ingrained in their culture.
  1. Remuneration: For decades, HA’s lagged behind other sectors on pay and rewards, but as their businesses have evolved, many now recognise the importance of securing talent and expertise at the market rate, and benchmark both in and out of the sector.
  1. Development: Housing nurtures ambition and talent. Professionals have been known to go from graduates to Directors in as little as 8-10 years. Work hard, show potential, and your career could rise much faster than you think.
  1. Location: Many of our clients are five minutes walk from major London landmarks, or centrally located in major cities − with exceptional transport links and a vibrant social scene. Combine this with equally good facilities and a diverse workforce, and you’ll soon notice a spring in your step.
  1. Innovation: Housing is great at putting ideas into practice.  In a sector still adapting to the world around it, it’s hungry for new ideas on how best to serve its customers. Present a strong business case, and you’ll be empowered to make it happen.
  1. Satisfaction: Drive past one of your new regeneration projects that delivered 1,000 homes for low-income families. Hear first-hand how you’ve made it easier for elderly customers to pay their rent. Watch a once fractious housing estate transform after a new community centre opens. Satisfaction is part of the job.
  1. Impact: The better you are, the more people you’ll help. Whether you’re a financial analyst looking at better ways to invest, or a building surveyor identifying improvements for existing homes, you make a difference.
  1. Purpose: You’ll feel part of something. Whilst lots of people are talking about the housing crisis, you’re doing something about it, with like minded people, in a thoroughly professional environment.  

So that’s our starter for ten. We haven’t even mentioned the great work/life balance yet!

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By Nathan Minnighan


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